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Zeahlot is a business architect guiding powerful women in creating a business that illuminates impact & income.

She is an international speaker, author, and mentor who retired as a psychotherapist after helping thousands of clients heal over the years.

She has established multiple businesses in addition to mentoring hundreds of women in building their empires with the guidance of Business and Pleasure Inc.

Zeahlot Lopez

international speaker | author | mentor | retired psychotherapist

Meet the host

"Zea speaks frequently about authenticity, creation of abundance in one's life,a nd how to manifest your life's purpose. I look up to her and her ability to stay passionate in helping her clients and colleagues. "

"...She walks the walk!"

"She covers a multitude of issues such as the value of women, navigating the world as a person of color, and the stigma of mental health"

"She's made me feel motivated with my business and see my own value"

"Zeahlot can make the entire room feel loved, feel understood, feel motivated, inspired and empowered! Zea is changing the world one person at a time, one large group of people at a time, and one powerful event at a time"

"Zeah has a beautiful way of speaking to your soul"



Weekly insights and inspiration from Zeahlot on business, leadership and wellness.

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Join me in Tulum Mexico for a transformative retreat where I’ll be teaching you the ins and outs of marketing! I’m excited to extend a personal invitation to you for an exclusive retreat at a stunning boutique hotel in Tulum, Mexico. This special event is designed for female founders who are ready to take their […]

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