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July 5, 2024

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As of June 2024, I’ve spent over a million dollars, 10+ years in school, and countless sleepless nights investing in my entrepreneurship journey, mindset, and inner healing.

The work I’ve done on myself and the business is insane!

These investments have led to understanding that entrepreneurial success is a result of the women we become in the process of making the world a better place.

Some say I’m crazy to have spent that much, but I would be crazy NOT to invest in myself to get the change I want and live a life aligned with my purpose and God’s plan for me and those I help!

Let’s look at what I’ve invested business-wise alone with marketing and content creation:

Coaches, mentors, programs, and marketing specialists…

  • $200k Business coaching
  • $80k Marketing and ad creation
  • $50k Marketing and copywriting
  • $40k Sales training
  • $15k Youtube coaching

… and 2024 ain’t even over yet!

The best way that I can pour back into my fellow female entrepreneurs to teach them what I have learned the hard way and make it easier and pleasurable for them to have access to it and utilize it in their business to create income and impact.

Join me in Tulum for our 2024 retreat, focused on marketing and content creation to grow your business. Spots are limited.

Join Business & Pleasure Retreat in Tulum

🤍 Zeahlot

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