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Find Your Peace.


Put the pieces together.

You're sharp. Intelligent. A go-getter.
You decided on a vision for success and you pursued it relentlessly until you arrived...

but something is still missing.

It isn't just about money. You feel intuitively that you're missing an inner sense of peace and contentedness that you deeply crave.

Problem is, you don't know how
 to make time to care for your soul.

And no, we aren't just talking about self-care baths or vacations. We're talking about the daily sense of exhaustion and overwhelm that you feel. Perhaps even loneliness. But no one knows what it's like.

You can't just "let go".... or can you?

My role is to help you
identify what you deeply need...
and create the space to finally experience it

Intuitive Coaching

It's time to create the time and space
to be your own superhero.
Your needs don't need to remain unmet.

I've experienced what you're experiencing:
bouncing through back-to-back meetings without a snack break, not being able to fully trust team members to take the reigns, and not knowing how to make time to take care of my own needs. I burnt out. 

Then I decided...no more.
Have you decided yet?

I was first in my family to graduate from higher education after putting myself through school debt-free. I quickly rose to success as a cosmetologist, therapist, then CEO and founder of my online coaching program, The Vida System.

However, I quickly learned that working hard doesn't come with the guarantee of true happiness and peace.
You have to go deeper for that.


Meet Your Coach


Short episodes designed to give you an encouraging boost on-the-go.

Listen to the ZEAHLOT podcast on your commute to work, during your jog, or during your meditation to get clarity & insight into your life.

The Podcast

Listen to Me


Do you believe in a conversation that has the power to change your life?

You know what you need; it's within you! But you might need help accessing it.
Let's dive deep and uncover what you have been truly craving.

1-hr Convo

Talk With me

Get a Sneak Peek

3 Months


A structured 12-week coaching program designed to help you identify the root of your issues, uncover how it is negatively impacting you today, and create a plan of action for transformation.

what's included?

Work with Me

6 months


After completing the 3-month program, challenge yourself by revisiting topics to a greater return on your investment. Get continued access to Zeahlot for support between coaching sessions.

What's included?

12 months


A year-long coaching relationship that will allow you to feel understood on a deeper level. See change develop overtime and get accountability to keep consistent progress.

What's included?

For more reviews, visit our page on Yelp

I've been seeing Zeahlot for a few months now and I can honestly say she's been a life changer! NEVER did I think I would need to see a therapist! Zeahlot made the entire process very comfortable and smooth. She's professional, flexible to your schedule, and is very interactive! She has given me a new meaning and understanding of therapy! I recommend Zeahlot if you want someone who is willing and able to help you through life and live a better version of you!!!

"...LIVE a better version of you!"

For more reviews, visit our page on Yelp

Zeahlot is a great professional and is dedicated to her clients. Her dedication to her clients and profession is admirable.

I myself am a hypnotherapist and I know a good quality therapist when I see one. Her passion for helping others is well noticeable when you speak to her. I highly recommend anyone that is dealing with any kind of mental health issues or just needs a personal life coach to guide them in their path. Then Zeahlot is your therapist.

"I myself am a hypnotherapist and i know a good quality therapist when i see one."

For more reviews, visit our page on Yelp

Where do i start? Zeahlot and Vida Therapy go above and beyond to not only make all clients feel comfortable and nurtured but to also assist them to have breakthroughs, remove traumas, clear memories from the past and to be present and excited for the future.

Therapy is not for those who have a problem but for those who are open to his or her own enlightenment and personal growth.

Vida Therapy can show you the way.

Highly recommended.

"Vida therapy can show you the way. Highly recommended."

Love from Yelp

Do it now.

Stop avoiding what you know is necessary.

Book a free consultation and take the first step towards
the true clarity & connection you've always wanted.

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