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est. 2013

We are an online boutique group practice providing therapy and digital products to help individuals live more healed than wounded.

Vida Therapy clients are often high-achieving millennials, entrepreneurs, and mental health and wellness professionals in search of self-development. 

In your therapeutic journey, you will learn more about yourself, find peace in your relationship with your immigrant parents, or finally enter a loving, secure relationship.

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By owning your truth, you can begin to live the life that you have worked for. the life that you deserve

I want the same growth journey for you! Vida Therapy is meant to be a safe space for you to not "have it all together," and instead confront your family drama, toxic relationships, breakups and career decisions with no judgment.

As a Spanish-speaking latina and first-generation American, I have wrestled with the guilt and frustration that comes with changing family patterns. 

Confronting the dysfunctional patterns in my family led me to a place of healing and success in my career, romantic relationships and personal wellness.

Zeahlot Lopez, LMFT, LPCC

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Choose a non-therapeutic ecourse designed to strengthen your skills and improve your overall life satisfaction. Our featured course, Latinx with Difficult Mothers, is designed to help strong first-gen persons who have mamas con drama

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Choose from our Gold, Silver or Bronze monthly package for therapeutic support. Packages include virtual sessions with a licensed California therapist, as well as 24/7 access to our online wellness library full of supplemental resources.


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I've been seeing Zeahlot for a few months now and I can honestly say she's been a life changer! NEVER did I think I would need to see a therapist! Zeahlot made the entire process very comfortable and smooth. She's professional, flexible to your schedule, and is very interactive! She has given me a new meaning and understanding of therapy! I recommend Zeahlot if you want someone who is willing and able to help you through life and live a better version of you!!!

"...LIVE a better version of you!"

For more reviews, visit our page on Yelp

Zeahlot is a great professional and is dedicated to her clients. Her dedication to her clients and profession is admirable.

I myself am a hypnotherapist and I know a good quality therapist when I see one. Her passion for helping others is well noticeable when you speak to her. I highly recommend anyone that is dealing with any kind of mental health issues or just needs a personal life coach to guide them in their path. Then Zeahlot is your therapist.

"I myself am a hypnotherapist and i know a good quality therapist when i see one."

For more reviews, visit our page on Yelp

Where do i start? Zeahlot and Vida Therapy go above and beyond to not only make all clients feel comfortable and nurtured but to also assist them to have breakthroughs, remove traumas, clear memories from the past and to be present and excited for the future.

Therapy is not for those who have a problem but for those who are open to his or her own enlightenment and personal growth.

Vida Therapy can show you the way.

Highly recommended.

"Vida therapy can show you the way. Highly recommended."

Love from Yelp