This coaching experience is specifically created for high-performing entrepreneurs and professionals who want the challenge of accountability in their personal lives.

If you are tired of being misunderstood, having failed relationships, or hiring employees who don't seem to get your vision - this program is for you.

You may not find this coaching model helpful if you:
- are struggling with financial stability
- are not an entrepreneur or CEO
- do not desire whole and healthy relationships


Elite Coaching

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Coaching Package

The coaching package durations represent an agreed-upon time period of intensive work that is focused on creating change in your personal life. Longer packages represent longer-lasting and more stable change. Shorter packages are great to launch a mindset shift and assess for problem areas.

CLARIFY - 3 months (6 online sessions + chat access)
CONNECT - 6 months (12 online sessions + chat access)
CHANGE - 12 months (24 online sessions + chat access + check-ins)

You are at the top of your field and are used to the fast-paced, high-demand life of an elite entrepreneur

You are self-aware and have already made steps towards
fixing your personal issues - 
even if you haven't found your ultimate solution yet

You will do the work outside of our coaching sessions
because you understand what is at stake

We'll work well together if...


After our call, let's get ready to start with the coaching process.

You'll receive a link letting you know what to do.

Day of the Session

On the Calendar


On the day of our conversation, find a private location with strong wi-fi connection.

Today is all about changing your life. Get ready for some real conversation.


You will receive an invitation to complete the "Life-Changing Conversation" assessment prior to our first meeting. Answer as honestly and in-depth as you can!

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Initial Meeting


Book a free "Life Changing Conversation" consultation at
the link below. You'll want to block out about 2 hours max for our convo, plus some margin to decompress afterwards

the experience

step by step, here's what to expect

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What is the difference between therapy and coaching?

How often will we meet for our online sessions?

Can I invite someone to
join our coaching calls?

Frequently Asked Questions

The point of our work is to begin a deep-dive into changing your side of the equation - not shifting blame or responsibility to others.

Inviting guests to our call would depend on your individual progress, as well as the purpose of the guest's attendance. If mutually agreed upon, a guest may join our call to supplement your growth. They would not be seen as my client.

In each coaching package, we will meet every other week.

You will have access to my personal phone number for direct contact at any point between our scheduled sessions.

I will also check in on you, based on our decided action steps, twice a week between sessions.

The difference between therapy and coaching is that therapy is based on a clinical approach to aid with emotional challenges. Coaching is more directive and focuses on personal goals for overall balance and wellness in life. 

You may be disqualified from this coaching experience if it is revealed that you have underlying trauma, mental health concerns or relational dysfunctions that are more appropriately cared for in the context of a clinical therapeutic relationship.

What if I want to upgrade to a longer program?

what results
can i expect?

   Every individual is different! The length of time a client participates in therapy depends on their personal challenges, goals, and progress towards specified goals. Some clients can work through their challenges within the 3 months of the Clarify package, while others find the best return on investment in choosing a more long-term model, such as the 1-year Change package.

What if I need to take a break in the middle of our program?

Of course!
It is highly likely that once we begin our work, you'll discover obstacles that you didn't previously realize were present.

That's good! It means that you have increased awareness and are ready to do the work. At this point, we would have the conversation about extending our coaching relationship towards the Connect (6-month) or Change (1-year) package.

Life definitely can come up and surprise us. I understand as well; I needed to take a break from my business to process and heal after my father's passing in 2021.

We will discuss your particular needs and how to best mold the coaching experience to support your goals.