Vida Therapy is a boutique virtual practice providing online services to high-performing entrepreneurs and professionals in the state of California. Areas of treatment include: career transitions, working through generational trauma and dysfunctional family patterns, breakups and relationship issues, overperforming / burnout, and more!

Vida Therapy es una práctica de terapia en linea para emprendedores/as y profesionales quien vive en el estado de California. Ayudamos en transiciónes de carrera, disfunciónes familiares, relaciones, y mas.


Vida Therapy

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Membresía de terapia

Our unique monthly model allows you to choose a membership plan based on the number of sessions you desire per month.

Nuestra estructura especial se permite cambiar un plan de
membresía basado la cantidad de sesiones le gustaría tener por mes.

GOLD - (4) 50-minute sessions per month
SILVER - (2) 50-minute sessions per month
BRONZE - (1) 50-minute session per month

You are a professional, age 25 - 35, working on improving in your career and/or relationships.

Vida Therapy es para usted si es profesional, entre 25 y 35 años, y quiere mejorar su carrera y relaciones.

You are a go-getter who knows where you want to be, even if you aren't sure how to get there yet.

Es ambicioso/a y sabe a donde quiere llegar, aunque ya no sabe como lograrlo.

You have the coping skills you need to care of yourself between sessions.

Tiene habilidades para cuidarse de si mismo/a aparte de los sesiones.

Vida Therapy is for you if...


On the day of your session, log in about 5 minutes prior to your start time. Make sure you have secure Wi-Fi and a private location.

Your therapist will join you and your journey will begin!

Day of the Session

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You will be sent the link to log-in and book your session(s) for the month. We recommend downloading the Telehealth app by Simple Practice to make accessing your client portal easier.


If you are matched with a therapist, all intake forms will be electronically sent to you. Please complete all forms and input payment information within 24 hours of receiving the welcome email.

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What is the difference between therapy and coaching?

How often can i receive therapy?

¿Que es la frecuencia de terapia?

Frequently Asked Questions

Se debe elegir una membresía basado en su frecuencia preferida de sesiones por mes.

Gold - (4) 50-minute sessions
Silver - (2) 50-minute sessions
Bronze - (1) 50-minute session

Se carga los planes el primer día del mes. Para cambiar su plan, se debe hacerlo antes del primero del mes.

You may choose your package based on your desired frequency of sessions per month.
Gold - (4) 50-minute sessions
Silver - (2) 50-minute sessions
Bronze - (1) 50-minute session

Packages are billed on the first of each month. To upgrade or change your plan, you must do so before the first of each month.

The difference between therapy and coaching is that therapy is based on a clinical approach to aid with emotional challenges. Coaching is more directive and focuses on personal goals for overall balance and wellness in life. 

¿QUE ES LA diferencia entre terapia y coaching?

How Long Do I Need to Be in Therapy?

   Every individual is different! The length of time a client participates in therapy depends on their personal challenges, goals, and progress towards feeling better. Some clients can work through their challenges in a timely manner, while others receive therapy for a longer period of time.

¿Por cuanto tiempo necesito estar en terapia?

La diferencia es que terapia es basado en intervención clínica para retos emocionales. Coaching es mas directiva y se enfoca en metas personales para balanza y satisfacción de la vida. No ayuda con disfunciónes mas profundas.

Cada individuo es diferente. La duración de tiempo que se participe en terapia depende de sus metas y retos personales. Hay personas que puedan lograr sus metas en semanas o meses, mientras otras participen en terapia por mas tiempo.