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June 22, 2024

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A good friend of mine, who is an absolute mogul in business, once told me that each year on his birthday he reflects on all aspects of life and provides gratitude for all that he has learned thus far from those who inspire and activate his life in a positive way.

Since learning about this gratitude practice 10 years ago, I write myself a letter thanking God for the lessons received from my encounters, lived experiences, and lessons as a serial entrepreneur on my birthday year after year.

June 13th, 2024

I welcomed in year 37 with excitement, contemplation, peace and stillness.

With gratitude for the lessons and blessings I received in abundance.

Chapter 36 was a growth year.

I lived through it with hard earned lessons, pain, expansion, compassion, and almost all other emotions in between.

Bussiness lessons with high investments $$$.

Grieving alone in my family.

Moving to a new city and State and building a new support system of powerful women.

Hitting financial bottom in one of my companies while growing another from scratch.

Changing the company structure to work for me vs. working for it.

Had to start from scratch and go hard even when I didn’t know how.

Navigating the most important and impactful relationships in my life with grace and hurt.

Learning how to forgive, accept and let go.

Saying no to what doesn’t deserve me or serve God.

Surrendering to uncomfortable changes in my family.

Creating a family trust and starting a legacy.

Deepening my spiritual practice with self discipline and leadership…

God is STILL my favorite comedian. We plan. God laughs.

In Reflection I ask myself the same 10 questions each year to grow my person:

1. Have I been impeccable with my word to myself and others?

2. Have I taken anything personally and feel hurt if any?

3. Have I made any assumptions that keep me from growing and or in denial of my truth?

4. Have I done my best?

5. Am I happy in the here and now?

6. What needs to change this year in my life?

7. What went well this year?

8. What are my goals for the coming year?

9. What do I need?

10. What do I want?

In Gratitude …

To my Soul Sisters and fellow Women of Influence

Words can’t begin to describe the amount of healing energy and power I feel with each of you.

To learn with you and from you!

Each one of you has poured into me at my best and worst.

Helped me heal when hitting the worst bottom I’ve ever had.

Helped me see and acknowledge the amount of power a woman is born with and has naturally.

Opened your home to me.

Shared the hard parts about marriage, relationships, separation, and motherhood in no specific order as a woman who plays many roles.

Cooked for me and with me.

Held my head as I cried with a wounded heart.

Helped me fix my crown and get back up.

Helped me learn more about being a woman in the world.

Chatted with me about everything and nothing.

For showing me you care by asking, ” Amiga…. how are you today?

For the cards, you write me and I stick on my fridge.

For the books you gift me and send me reminded me that I am Diosa.

For helping me laugh after a hard day as we share with one another what it’s like to be an entrepreneur, ShEO, mother, wife, sister, daughter, friend, creator, and queen.

Thank you for helping me see the light when it was dark.

Thank you for helping me tell my story!

Thank you for teaching me your strength and softness at the same time.

Thank you for allowing me to observe how you raise your children to become adults.

For your faith.

For your brutal and needed honesty on what’s not working and what needs to change.

For sharing your own personal growths and tribulations.

Thank you for helping me get in the ring and get my ass kicked with a smile!

My fellow women who run with wolves because we can…

Thank you for being in my life!


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