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June 11, 2024

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As a woman in business, seeking mentorship for intentional expansion vs. seeking advice because you’re not trusting yourself makes all the difference in the experience you will have with enterprise growth.

I would know! Between 2013-2024, I hired a lot of help for my businesses from both a place of pain and power!

For example, when my father died in 2021, I hired and fired the biggest amount of help due to choosing them to help the business from a place of pain not power.

We constantly navigate entrepreneurship by seeking ways to enhance our knowledge, skills, and strategies. And the way we approach mentorship vs. advice rooted in fear(s) can significantly influence our growth and success as women who lead.

I’m going to share with you some insights on two distinct approaches you can take when seeking mentorship as a woman in business.

Here is my biggest takeaway from all my years of experience with entrepreneurship:

You choose people to help you with the business, relationships, and or your life from a place of power or from a place of pain.

Being the woman who stands in her power and doesn’t take any ish and knows exactly what she wants with clarity.

She chooses a mentor from HER power for intentional expansion. To become the next bombdiggity version of her!

A woman in a place of pain and fear seeks mentorship for advice due to self-doubt and internal disconnection.

She doesn’t listen to her intuition and continues to disrespect her higher self.

She gives others her power to know what’s best for her.

She denies her ability to lead herself.

She quiets the screams inside her that she is greatness…

As conscious beings understanding these differences can help us leverage mentorship more effectively and build our own inner compass to guide the business.

Seeking mentorship for intentional expansion is purpose-driven!

When you seek mentorship for intentional expansion, you are clear about your objectives and pursue specific guidance to achieve them. This approach reflects a growth mindset, aiming to stretch your capabilities and expand your knowledge.

These types of women are proactive, collaborative, self-aware, and goal-oriented. They regularly reflect on their motivations, setting clear goals for mentorship to foster intentional growth. They build confidence through independent decision-making and resilience from learning experiences. They engage respectfully with mentors, valuing mutual insights, and cultivate a supportive network encouraging independence and critical thinking.

Effective mentorship is a two-way street, characterized by mutual respect.

You respect your mentor’s experience while also valuing your own insights.

Active engagement is crucial; you bring ideas to the table, seek feedback, and engage in meaningful discussions.

A strong sense of self-awareness nurtures this approach. You recognize your strengths and weaknesses, seeking mentorship to complement and enhance your abilities. This empowers you to leverage mentorship as a tool for personal and professional growth.

Seeking advice due to self-doubt is fear-driven and reactive, relying on short-term solutions and leading to inconsistent guidance. This dependency on others undermines independent decision-making and self-worth, causing constant validation-seeking behavior and further wounding the confidence level.

By distinguishing between these two approaches and aligning your actions with intentional growth, you can leverage mentorship effectively while building your self-confidence and decision-making skills. This balance will empower you to navigate your entrepreneurial journey with greater clarity and strength.

Empowerment comes from within, and understanding how to harness mentorship effectively can be a powerful tool on your entrepreneurial journey.

May you choose your next mentor from a place of power. 🙏🏽

I see you,

You see me, 

I love you. 


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