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June 11, 2024

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I’m so excited to introduce you to a woman I am mentoring!

She’s amazing! 🙌🏾

Let me tell you about her…

She has business and pleasure

Mentors her daughter into womanhood

Creating not grinding

Free throughout her day and life

Moving in and out of what she wants to do

She stays at home and mothers

A founder & CEO if she pleases

She has faith and does not sabotage her happiness

A sound decision-maker

A delegation queen

A mother of a preteen and a newborn

Completely available to her children

Empathic and fun

Celebrates and learns in a community of women who understand her

She feels relaxed, calm, & at ease

She reads and learns about human desires and ability to create

She continues firm through trials and difficulties

She has courage and patience in bearing the hard things she experiences

She attracts aligned staff that are happy to grow the business

She has a clear vision

She is vulnerable and uses it to help and heal

She intentionally attracts and clarifies the values and vibe of her life, relationships, and business

She forgives

She sleeps, moves her body and energy, performs clearings, journals, gets massages, prays, swims, and takes salt baths

She grows and learns by experimenting with new things

She creates as she is led to

She is aligned and intuitive

She is breaking cycles

She has a supportive partner

She is in her feminine energy

She is excited about her life

She is YOU

Your future self that is ready to create the life she loves!

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I see you, 

You see me,

I love you. 


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