What you plant today you’ll see grow tomorrow


June 11, 2024

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Last week I shared with you that years back I planted a whole lota of seeds.

The kind that takes time to bear fruit. Like pineapples! 

It takes 18 months to grow just one and the second one takes a year to grow after that to be ready for picking. 

The same can be said for female founders and their businesses that bear fruit for harvest.

My harvest took a minute 😅and is better than I imagined. 

That’s usually how things work out if we get out of our way. 

My harvest in year 36 of my life looks a bit like this: 

  • A team of powerful humans in my company that know how to sail the ship in rough waters.
  • Having little to no ignorance debt in business to pay off. You know what I mean. Paying to learn lessons over until one day you just get it. Period! Then, on a random Tuesday at 2:00 pm you embody the lesson, flip your hair back, and move forward. 🤌🏾
  • The blessing to show up as a dissident daughter and own it with grace and vulnerability.
  • A relationship with my beloved that includes business and pleasure. Not just one of them. I got both. And not or!
  • A connection with God that is bursting with faith and love. 

My graduation from pleasing others and trying to outsource my inner child needs taught me that a key factor for many woman business owners is knowing where to invest time, money, energy, love… so they have a bountiful harvest also known as a life you love. 

Curious. Have you considered what harvest you are now gathering from in your business? Did you plant seeds that are now beautiful and big? Maybe still patiently watering the seeds that haven’t broken the surface yet? 

Click here to learn how I can mentor you in your season of harvest. 

I see you. 

You see me.

I love you.


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