Running with Wolves


June 11, 2024

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As a woman in business, I see and feel a lot, especially when hiring help to grow my entrepreneurial ventures. It feels like running with wolves in a male-dominated field, even more so as a woman of color building from scratch—no family pull from a wealthy “uncle,” no generational wealth as a safety net, and no plan B. There’s no boys’ club, just starting from scratch.

It can be lonely at times, especially as a female who knows that desire and gratitude must coexist to create. You learn to hunt and feel simultaneously, both requiring a balance of heart and head for the best outcomes. It’s tough when told to “pick up your feelings” and “get over it.”

As women, we’re often taught to leave our gut feelings at home and outside the office, yet intuition is a natural feminine attribute of strength.

Feeling my feelings and intuition, among other things, has helped grow my business. 

Having an all-woman team plays a part in making it even more amazing to see women business owners thrive despite the obstacles. For these reasons, I created a community.

A community for networking, connecting, and building relationships: [Link to Facebook Group]. It’s for powerful women who love to build their businesses through relationships and connections. It’s a rare and unique community, special because we understand each other. The power of femininity in unity is felt tenfold.

I’ve learned to run with wolves and, in doing so, built a pack of alphas who run alongside me. May you run with us powerful women!

Join us here

Cheers to our mutual success! 🥂

I see you.

You see me.

I love you,


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