What if the right therapist could not only benefit your personal life, but also advance your relationships, career, and or business exponentially?

That's what I'm all about! My passion is working with entrepreneurs, mental health and wellness professionals in search of self-development. I believe one of the greatest joys in life is discovering the sweet spot between our passions and purpose for living in authenticity. As a Virtual Vida Therapist, I rely on my intuition, intellect, and innovation when working with clients..

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.I was very intentional in creating a team of therapists who have real-life experience with family conflict, self-doubt, imposter syndrome, and difficulty with communication. All that to say - your therapist has been there, done that!

In essence, we believe you, and you deserve more.

Growing up as a latina in an emotionally-unavailable family was...tough. But it was harder to come across therapists that didn't understand my culture or how it impacted my needs, hopes and challenges.

This made me realize the need for more culturally-competent therapists who could provide helpful insight to clients like me. In fighting to become the woman I knew I deserved to be, I created Vida Therapy.

i was done. beated. passionless. it was time for a change.

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It all started...

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Our Story

¡Claro que sí! En los estados unidos, no hay suficiente representación de latinos y hispanos en el campo de salud mental. Si inglés no es su idioma preferida, se cuesta traducir cada emoción y pensamiento en un espacio que deba ser su zona de tranquilidad. 
Por eso, nuestras terapeutas son bilingües y entienden como la cultura latina impacta todas partes de la vida, incluyendo creencias y expectativas de la familia.

I'm bilingual.  ¿Están disponibles sesiones en español?

What do my therapist's credentials mean?

Great question! Your therapist has studied 7+ years of higher education, plus completed over 3,000 hours of seeing clients in order to earn their designations from the California Board of Behavioral Sciences. The type of license largely speaks to the type of graduate program a therapist attended - but please note, all Vida Therapists are systemic, meaning they look at how your context of relationships form who you are!

LMFT: Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist
LPCC: Licensed Professional Counselor

The importance of therapy effectiveness isn't based on whether your session is online, on the phone or in-person.

The biggest factor in therapy effectiveness is the compatibility you have with your therapist!

At Vida Therapy, we make sure that you and your therapist will be a great match. Therapy should be a place of reparative relationship, where you feel free to be 100% yourself, without judgment or filtering. 

Is online therapy effective?

Frequently asked questions

Our timeline


Coming Soon: Vida Therapy creates healing programs to become the world's first Wellness Streaming Service


Vida Therapy moved to virtual services in order to care for more clients in California as a whole


Digital products such as the Vida Wellness Library created to supplement growth out of therapy


Launched first online course, Latinx with Difficult Mothers


Vida Therapy in-person workshops for latinx communities in Los Angeles, California


Vida Therapy's office in Studio City opened for in-person sessions


Clients LOVED Vida Therapy, making it possible for the team to grow and add more services


Vida Therapy founded as a bilingual, boutique practice