Hi! I'm Zeahlot; you can call me "Zeah."
I am an international speaker, author, and coach who retired as a psychotherapist after helping thousands of people heal over the years. I then went on to establish and build multiple 7-figure businesses: the most notable being my premiere online coaching program, The Vida System, where I guided hundreds of struggling therapists to scale their practices. 

I get what it's like to work your way to the top, look around, and find that no one else is running at your level: mentally, financially, or even emotionally. 

My purpose and mission is to live more healed than wounded and provide others the same opportunity.



Meet Your Coach

Chat one-on-one with me

You may not have the time to do the work yourself, but I'm here to create that space for you to feel seen. To feel heard - for once.

But you can't do that by buzzing through business meetings and trainings without pausing and looking inside.

the secret to your happiness is in connection.

Growing up as a latina in an emotionally-unavailable family was...tough. But it was harder to come across colleagues, therapists, and even romantic partners that didn't understand how my grind to success impacted my needs, hopes and challenges.

I discovered this secret:
our struggles in business and relationships will keep us back from enjoying all of our hard work if we don't go straight to the roots.

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i was done. beated. passionless. it was time for a change.

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It all started...

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I Understand You...

My coaching style is to work one-on-one with elite entrepreneurs
in order too allow for the maximum amount of time to dive into your specific needs.

Do you do one-on-one coaching?

What is my financial investment?

I aim to provide quality, one-on-one care for your coaching experience. This level of personal access during and in between our sessions will provide the accountability you need to finally make the type of long-lasting change that your soul has been longing for.

3 Months | Clarify | $30,000
6 Months | Connect | $60,000
1 Year | Change | $100,000

Our sessions will primarily take place online via Zoom in order to allow you flexibility and freedom in both time and location.

For coaching clients interested in working together in-person, this option may be negotiated after beginning our coaching journey.

Is this in-person or online?

Frequently asked questions

a snapshot
of my growth journey


ZEAHLOT coaching is established in order to guide elite entrepreneurs through their roadblocks to connection, clarity, and meaningful relationships.


My father passed, leading to a massive change in perspective around the world, my way of doing business, and my perspective on relationships


In the midst of a global pandemic, established The Vida System, Inc. - an online coaching program for mental health and wellness professionals


I established Vida Therapy Inc., a boutique private practice for young, first-generation professionals working through relationship and career struggles


As a graduation present to myself, I hired a business coach to grow and scale my two entities: Thairpy (est. 2010) and Lopez Tutoring (est. 2015)


Graduated with my master's degree in counseling and began offering bilingual, home-based services to the latinx community in Los Angeles County


I started personal therapy after leaving a failed 6-year relationship that deeply wounded me


Began journey towards becoming a licensed therapist while also working as a licensed cosmetologist